Smart Wake-up Headboard Light

This was a project to make a headboard that would look pretty and be useful. It has a built-in wake-up light that accepts Bluetooth commands from an Android phone so that, as part of a more comprehensive morning wake-up routine, my phone can send a command that triggers a sunrise emulation from my headboard.

Demo video:

The headboard was a collaboration between myself and my partner. Being both avid gym-goers yet also natural night owls, we wanted something that would make it possible to get up in the morning to go the gym when it opens.

Original headboard design sketch Initial design sketch

He designed the hardware for the first version, which I later upgraded to include better PWM control and more LED colours. I also did the hardware design for version 2.

Block diagram of project Block diagram of version 2

As well, I did the bulk of the prototyping and soldering, but the particularly tricky debugging parts required both brains.

Photo of circuitry Photograph of circuitry

The Arduino side was a full-on collaboration – we pair programmed most of it. The code repo is viewable on GitHub.

Finally, I made the Android wake-up sequence, which was largely done with Tasker scripts.

Oh, and I made the cranes. :)

Aside from being actually useful, I wanted to get some exposure to circuit design and debugging, as well as embedded programming, two areas with which I had had only theoretical knowledge and limited hands-on experience. This project fulfilled that purpose quite well.