Goodbye Wordpress, Hello Jekyll

A brief timeline of

The idea of a static site appealed to me because of the simplicity. I mean, this is my 8th blog post. I have an about page, a projects page, a blog front page, and additionally host a page that holds documentation for a program I wrote over the summer. That’s 12 pages. I was probably taking advantage of maybe 5% of Wordpress’s features.

A few other appealing things about Jekyll: being a tinkerer at heart, I was always frustrated with how much Wordpress tried to obfuscate everything and instead offer “easy” and “customizable” themes and plugins. But nothing beats code for customizability. The point at which I started making child themes so I could go digging in the PHP without risking breaking everything at the next update was the point at which I should have switched. (So that would have been on July 13th, then. Oh well, 7 weeks isn’t bad for procrastinating on making a new personal web site)

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