About Lise

I began my undergraduate career as a literature major, then made a tiny change in direction and decided to pursue Engineering Physics at the University of British Columbia, where I will be starting second year studies in September 2016.

Why Engineering Physics? I initially chose to study literature because I identified with the artistic values of originality and self-expression, and naïvely believed that these values could not be satisfied by studying maths or the physical sciences. But, what is more expressive than seeing an unfulfilled niche in the world, dreaming up a device that fills it, and bringing it into reality? I switched to Engineering Physics because I want to learn to apply my creativity to the physical world.

You can connect with me online via LinkedIn or write to me at lise at my domain.  Offline, you are likely to find me these days working with the Nanostructures Research Group at UBC, lifting weights, or otherwise enjoying the last weeks of summer.